about me


i’m pol.

i’m really happy to welcome you to my own creative space!


first of all i am interested in people. theirs stories, ideas, dreams and plans, about how did they get to this point where they are now, how they act and react.
i want to capture the moments, raw and real emotions. i don’t want you to smile for a picture, i want you to express your hapiness when we talk about your story.

i love to travel and explore. in my case that’s a desire that can not be satisfed, i always want more. no matter if it’s different continent or just nearby forest i always go for an adventure!

photography. i was hardly looking for my passion, i even singed up for drawing clasess, but my carrier didn’t last too long, i just haven’t find myself in this kind of art. meanwhile my real passion was just around the corner all over the years, when i realized this i gave it a shot and wow…it was good choice!

while traveling i love to take pictures of architecture that suprises me, narrow streets and alleys which seem to keep a secret history and big plazas where i can drink coffee and observe local people. i’m a huge fun of sunrises & sunsets.