mercedes benz-g class, july 2018

I really think this car doesn’t require description. Legendary Mercedes G-class. 

Some years ago motorization was my 'thing’. I was quite crazy about it and back then opportunity to take this car for a try-out would feel like a dream coming true. With time this passion has bleached, but despite this I didn’t stop appreciating this particular car. So when I could finally drive G-Wagen (how they use to call it) that was still very exciting.

First feature I have noticed was how comfortable this car is (even though to close the door you really have to slam them 😉 ). If someone would seat me in this car with my eyes closed I wouldn’t rather guess it’s a SUV. Off-road car is usually described as 'vehicle which is capable of driving on and off paved or gravel surface’. Mercedes G class is definitely an off-road vehicle!

It’s a really good choice for people who need a strong unit e.g. traveling through Norway and love the classy look at the same time.

That was a nice experience.

The car used for those photos is coming from car rental located in Oslo. You can check prices and availability at:

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