It took us about 1 year to pack the car and leave to Kjerag…and I have to confess we needed an additional trigger to do it. We had been planning my sister’s visit for about 1-2 months in advance, so we were pretty sure she won’t let us not to go. Furthermore, 2 weeks before Inez’s arrival our friend from Oslo phoned saying 'I’m finally coooming!’, so the trip seemed 100% sure to happen.

We also called our befriended neighbours, who are real hiking & camping lovers, to see if they want to join us. Their answer didn’t surprise us at all, so we all agreed we are going to leave on saturday eve. Thanks to them two (they are always prepared!) we checked if the roads are open as the winter season up north lasts a bit longer than down in the South, so from here I recommend to check it in advance. VisitNorway says: „closed road during winter from around October to May/June, contact Statens vegvesen, phone 175”.

We arrived to Lysebotn on a Saturday night, and the snow was still there! Not much, but tho… We found a nice place to camp. It was around 15 km away from where the path to Kjerag rock starts. We lit some fire, had some wine, food and enjoyed our adventure. In the morning we drove up to the parking place at Øygardstøl (parking fee is NOK 200 per day) and started to hike! It takes around 2-3 hours to get to the Kjerag rock. Trail is quite demanding (Preikestolen is easier), so water, snacks, sunscreen cream (!) is a must. The top of the hill is of course windy, so additional clothes are not a bad idea.

The view from the top is breathtaking, especially because the top of the hill is quite flat! You can take a walk and enjoy the view from above. Standing on the Kjerag rock causes adrenaline rush, but it’s worth it!

Enjoy!  🙂



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