bondhusvatnet lake and langfossen waterfall

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When leaving out for a weekend trip we usually try to explore chosen area to the fullest. During that warm August weekend we were roaming the neighbourhood of Folgefonna Glacier, visiting Svelgabreen Glacier at day 1 and Bondhusvatnet lake + Langfoss waterfall at day 2.
When first hike (up to Svelgabreen Glacier) was much longer and more challenging it was a nice change for us to take 45 min easy walk up to the famous turquoise lake full of water from the Bondhusbrea Glacier. The start point is located at the Bondhusdalen parkering (we were staying at Sundal camping so we left our car there) and leads via paved gravel road to the lake. It’s suitable for the young and the eldery, people with dogs, people with wheelchairs or baby strollers. It goes from A to B, so you’re coming back the same route you took to the lake.
I was so ready to jump into the water when I came to the big sign stating water in the lake is drinking water so swimming is not allowed 😅
It was our last the day of the trip so we decided to combine this tour with visit at the Langfossen waterfall, which is located 1 hour drive from the lake. I personally would not plan to visit waterfall as a main attraction but stopping by when in the area. The waterfall itself is great, but I think it looks at its best after some rains. I think we were there in a pretty dry season so I expect we didn’t see its full potential 🥲

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