winter landscapes, agder+telemark 2021

As everyone (I guess…) I was dreaming of snow already in December. Like a lot of it. To play with it, to ski, to cherish the views and at that time it would be even okay to shuffle it! 😉
As everyone noticed since few years snowing in December sounds luxurious and we of course hope for it, but less and less of us actually believes it will come.
We had few days with heavy snowfall and snow actually holding on here in Kristiansand, but as I say it was few days. As a snow lover you always want more.
So we spent all the January and February weekends driving away couple of hours to get on that skis! Even while skiing I take photos, as a matter of fact I think winter wonderland sceneries are one of the best to take photos in and of 🙂 All deeply covered with white powder improves the frame of mind, wakes up childhood memories and gives energetic kick!
To keep that feeling for longer I share with you views collected from all the winter getaways 🙂

Alpin centers visited this season so far, in order from the most recommended for slalom/downhill skiing:

And of course the most informative and pithy website to check weather, snow conditions, slopes map, prices or webcams:

One of the weekends we decided to stay over in a cosy and warm wooden hut by the river:


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