sognefjellsvegen FV 55, september 2020

When traveling through Norway is worth to know about national scenic routes. Maybe they are not the fastest or shortest ways to get to the point, but they are definitely worth the time. When planning a road trip I highly recommend to dig a bit, maybe there is a scenic route passing by the area/place you are getting to?
If so, then take it! It will not be a disappointment or waste of traveling time.
It’s more like adding one more highlight to the journey you already planned to make 🙂
Luckily the trip we planned for September gave us chance to drive through 2 of them! Valdresflye and Sognefjellet and below I present you Sognefjellet route!

Sognefjellsvegen FV55:
„From the verdant meadows and the lush cultural landscape of Bøverdalen you can catch a glimpse of towering mountains in the far distance, as the road slowly ascends through the valley. It makes its way up to the summit at 1424 meters, making the road northern Europe’s highest mountains pass. From the starting point in Lom, your expectations rise even before you drive out of the small village. Not every tourist route provides such a natural dramatic setting…”
Continuing on, they write that the landscapes will make you want to stop at the view points (of which there are many), but to be honest the scenery made us stop more often than the view points. Every turn shows some new and impressive valleys or mountains or turquoise water lakes. If you are observant enough you will spot quite few of wildlife. We saw, besides the beautiful reindeers, an owl, a hawk and rock ptarmigans.
Can you ask for more while driving? 🙂

Official scenic routes website (available in english too) :

Description of the Sognefjellsvegen on the official website:

The roads are closed during the winter, so it’s worth to check in advance before you hit the road 😉

Hidden gem on the way:


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