Lomseggen, september 2020

The road trip to Jotunheimen was planned for the last weekend of September. I think it will become a little tradition to hit the road and hike some scenic landscapes during this season of the year. Especially low range mountains are uniquely rich in colours, where the vegetation is still more divers than in higher parts of the mountains. That weekend we were quite lucky with weather both days we planned hiking for. The plan was simple, we are staying in Lom 3 nights and having 2 full days at our disposal. At the first day we wanted to start the hike to the top of Lom (Lomseggen, 1289 msl) before the noon. That was the big mountain behind the stave church which we had our tent view of during the first night in Lom. Saturday on the other hand was dedicated for Galdhøpiggen 2469 msl- the tallest mountain in Norway and Scandinavia.
Before we started to hike Lomseggen, we had this idea of Friday being a warm up hike day for Saturday’s big day. We miscalculated…the hike was quite steep at its first part and it was drizzling and we had too much clothes on and everything was just not that much fun at the beginning.
The route starts in Lom center and leads steeply through the forest for kilometers nr 2-3, after that you reach the higher mountains section and path begins to be more gradual. The scenery becomes panoramic and gives great view over the valley of Ottadalen.
Btw. on level of 1000 msl the path crosses a stream with cold and refreshing drinking water (Marsteingrove). It’s worth to fill up your bottle 😉

Continuing further the path we got to the Lomseggen sign and the highest point of the mountain. Now we had the view over both Ottadalen and Bøverdalen. From this point we could go back same way we came or go down the other side of the mountain. The choice was obvious for us, as if we can we tend not to duplicate the way we already walked.
That was a really good choice because it gave us picturesque landscapes views and of course the popular photo point: 'Kvilarstein’ – a rock sticking out and hovering over the mountain wall.
Once we got back to the city of Lom we went to our camping place (Nordal Turist Center) to take a shower and hit local restaurants for some pizza and beer.
Early the next day we left for Galdhøpiggen (post coming soon) and didn’t see more of Lom, however on Sunday on the way back home we stopped by to catch up the highlights 😉
We checked out one of the biggest Stave churches in Norway- Lom Stavkirke, which was unfortunately closed at this time of the year. We stepped in to the famous bakery in Lom, where people line up in a queue far outside of the bakery door 🙂 And also the mountains center, with its amazing exhibition of wildlife that lives in Jotunheimen.

Duration and lenght of the hike: 5-6 hrs / 9 km
Full description of the tour including map and recommended parking places:
To check opening hours of Lom stave church:
Camping in the center of Lom:
National mountain center:


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