mandal, november 2017

On a casual sunday we decided to go to Mandal- smal town ca. 45km far away from Kristiansand. The plan was to go a bit further up in mountains, but well…we overslept a bit. We had no specific plan what to see over there so we’ve started with a walk through the city center just over the river.  I’m really huge fan of those narrow streets and guess what?! In Mandal are quite few of them!

When traveling we also like to visit viewpoints. In Norway it’s not difficult to find some 🙂 So this time we visited viewpoint called Uranienborg with view all over the city center and the sea.

So in case you don’t have plan for a nice afternoon and you’re in neighbourhood- visit Mandal and take tour through the city up to Uranienborg to watch the sunset.


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