trysnes, april 2020

Sun, kayaks, water and fun people 🙂

Last Sunday we went kayaking to Trysnes (Søgne) which lies in the Trysfjorden, really really nice area with these small paradise sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise water! We chose one of the larger islands to get to and have grill on.
Even though it’s a fjord and it’s open access to the ocean you can feel safe paddling between many of these small islands where wind (so the waves as well) is not that strong and there is no danger of currents.
We ourselves don’t own kayaks (yet!), so we rented 2 from a private person found on, which I recommend to do if you want to have fun from time to time and not spend bigger amounts of money for buying kayaks or you don’t have space to store them or are only travelling in Norway. The only thing you need to load them on your car are roof rails and some straps, you don’t need dedicated kayak holders.


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